Suwannee River Partnership

Water...For People, For Life

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods (FYN)

First Florida Friendly Yard RecognitionThe Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program was developed to address serious problems of pollution and disappearing habitats by enlisting homeowners in the battle to save our natural environment. This program provides special educational and outreach activities directed at the community to help residents reduce pollution and enhance their environment by improving home and landscape management.

9 Gardening Tips from Florida Yards and Neighborhoods

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods associated websites:

Florida Friendly Landscaping Interactive website:
University of Florida- Lawn & Garden:
UF Florida Yards and Neighborhoods State Office:
Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook:
Florida Friendly Plant Lists:
FYN Yard Recognition Checklist:
FYN Workbook:
FYN Grow Smart Quarterly Newsletter:

FYN Pruning Workshop

University of Florida Environmental Horticulture & Natural Resources Departments
University of Florida IFAS Landscape Publications:
Florida Master Gardener Program:
Backyard Wildlife Habitat:
Integrated Pest Management (IPM):
Center for Landscape Ecology and Conservation:
Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN):
Home Lawn Care:

Bat Camp

Related Organizations
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SAVE THE DATE... Forage Management Workshops

For more information, please visit the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods website.

Anthony Drew training Master Gardener Class

Our water is worth defending and preserving
...that's why we formed the Suwannee River Partnership

Suwannee River Partnership Watershed Management Approach
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